This page is intended to save our time, to make RSVP simple, and provide some helpful resources. Here are the questions I am most frequently asked.

Do you see anyone without a reference?
I am only newbie friendly if you have a legitimate business website that has a photo, job description, and a method of contact you may use to communicate with.

What is a recent reputable reference?
A recent reputable reference is a provider who you have actively seen within the last 6-12 months. In order for her to be considered reputable she need to be recently reviewed on TER.

How can I get pre-screened or verified if I have not seen a reputable provider?
There are several very professional discreet screening services. P411 and RS-AVS. They are affordable and a great resource to verify not only you are safe but the provider your interested in as well.

Do you have a phone we can chat on?
I do have a phone number that I do not wish to advertise. After you are verified we can communicate via phone if you prefer.

How far in advance do I need pre-book?
As soon as you know your schedule and availability, please contact me and we shall arrange a time to meet.

Are you into ladies?
I adore women and am truly bisexual.

Do you offer duos?
In my home town my favorite duos partner is the beautiful bad ass Goldie Knox. Read Reviews! . Ask about our hot tub specials! I can also provide with any highly regarded lady of leisure.

When do you visit my city?
I travel often and am available Worldwide. It's best to pre-book me, but I have been persuaded with a plane ticket or two, lol. Please view my calendar for my upcoming tour dates.

Fly Me To You!
Boring Business trip? Need a partner go on a vacation with, rub sunscreen on your body, accompany you to dinner, catch a show, gamble or dance the night away? My passport is ready and able to accommodate travel too!

Do you have an address so I may mail you a gift?
Thank you for thinking of me. Please view my gifts page for things I like and may enjoy.

Do you offer discounts?
Donations for my time are non-negotiable. I do accept credit cards as another option, but prefer hundreds or pink fifties. "The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive." --- -Coco Chanel

Can I bring anything special to our meeting?
Feel free to bring an open mind, positive vibes, anything that might make you more comfortable or you'd like to share is fine.

I have a tight schedule will I have time to fresh up?
I don't mind at all.

What if I'm enjoying myself and would like to extend or time together?
Please let me know in advance so I may be aware and prepared for this, especially when traveling.

Can I take you out off the clock?
I love to eat and have fun! My time is valuable and I would need a gift donation in order to secure our time together.